Borewell Drilling Cost in Bangalore – Standard Borewell

Sanati Borewells provides the best borewell drilling services in Bangalore at reasonable price. There are a lot of factors that are considered by any borewell drilling company before quoting the pricing. Following are the factors that are considered while calculating the cost of borewell drilling: Borewell price in Bangalore involves cost of casing pipe, installation of outer pipe, borewell cap and collar. Borewell cost in Bangalore also includes the charges for the welding of casing pipe, cost of transportation charges, and cost of borewell drilling per feet.Labour required for the borewell drilling work and for the installation for borewell pipes, charges for cleaning & water flushing after borewell drilling work are also included.

Borewell price mainly depends on the type of ground soil or the geology of the borewell site and for the groundwater survey by Geologists or Hydro geologists.Contact Sanati Borewells to understand the pricing for borewell drilling in depth.We are professionally qualified to provide borewell drilling services in Bangalore. If you are looking for a borewell drilling company, we have a great experience and reputation in this field.

Here is the average standard borewell drilling cost in Bangalore.

Drilling Charges for 6 ½” borewell

  • Drilling upto 300 feet costs around Rs. 100 per feet
  • Drilling above 300 feet to 400 feet costs around Rs. 110 per feet
  • Drilling above 400 feet to 500 feet costs around Rs. 120 per feet
  • Drilling above 500 feet to 600 feet costs around Rs. 140 per feet
  • Drilling above 600 feet to 700 feet costs around Rs. 170 per feet
  • Drilling above 700 feet to 800 feet costs around Rs. 200 per feet
  • Drilling above 800 feet to 900 feet costs around Rs. 230 per feet
  • Drilling above 900 feet to 1000 feet costs around Rs. 270 per feet
  • Drilling above 1000 feet to 1100 feet costs around Rs. 320 per feet
  • Drilling above 1100 feet to 1200 feet costs around Rs. 420 per feet
  • Drilling above 1200 feet to 1300 feet costs around Rs. 520 per feet
  • Drilling above 1300 feet to 1400 feet costs around Rs. 620 per feet
  • Drilling above 1400 feet to 1500 feet costs around Rs. 720 per feet
  • Drilling above 1500 feet to 1600 feet costs around Rs. 820 per feet

Casing Pipe Charges

  • 7” M.S Casing Pipe Erection Charges, for medium it costs around Rs. 440 per feet & for heavy pipes costs around 480 per feet.
  • 10” M.S Casing Pipe Erection Charges costs around Rs. 440 per feet.
  • 12” M.S Casing Pipe Erection Charges costs around Rs. 650 per feet.
  • M.S & PVC Collar No. 1 costs around 250 each
  • Cap No. 1 costs around 250 each
  • M.S Casing Pipe Welding charges per joint costs around Rs. 300
  • Transport charges costs around Rs. 1000 approximately
  • Labour charges costs around Rs. 1000 approximately
  • Water injections charges Rs. 15 per Feet

Note: All the above prices are only estimate and subject to change as per market condition time to time.

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