Borewell Scanning Services in Bangalore

Borewell Scanning Services in Bangalore At Sanati Borewells we provide the best borewell scanning services. We are experts in scanning, analyzing & fixing the borewell issues. Borewell scanning is done with the latest technology using geological waterproof camera to directly view the borewell. Borewell scanning enables us to clearly understand the rock formation & number of sources through which we are getting water. High resolution and waterproof camera is inserted inside & real time video & images are captured.

Borewell scanning permits specialists to view and make video recordings of Borewells to comprehend the increase and decrease of yield, blockages, borehole checking etc. We can see the undetectable details of borewell straightforwardly on the screen.

Advantages of Borewell Scanning: HD cameras that support clear audio are used in borewell scanning. The cameras need to be portable that comes with a rechargeable battery. The LED lights are specially designed long-life and it makes the camera images so clear that you can find it satisfactory.

Borewell Scanning has the following advantages:

  • Length & state of casing. (in case of old Borewells)
  • Seating state of casing at rock surface after subsoil.
  • To observe present water level profundity.
  • To identify the borewell arrangement
  • To determine dry holes, Boulders and cuts.
  • Complete depth and ideal depth for establishment of siphon set.
  • To distinguish any obstacle in the borewell to install motor.
  • To recognize at what depth pump sets must be introduced to get maximal amount of water Sanati Borewells provides complete borewell drilling solution in and around bangalore. We provide the best borewell scanning services for both new and old borewell. We promise to deliver facts & keep you away from rumour.
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