Sanati Borewell FAQs

Standard drilling need open space and robo can drill in compact places with minimum height of 12.5 feet.

The size is 6.5inches. The drill bit size is 6.5 inches, and it is considered as the standard size.

It depends on client location, it will be normally 40 to 200 feet & it may vary region to region.

Cost varies time to time due to change in fuel price and steel price.

It usually depends on the location to location, however a geologist can give you the estimation after the site survey.

We can drill up to 2500 feet for standard, 1200 feet for robo, and 700 for in well.

That's 3 inches of water. After this it is not suggested to drill due to more water pressure.

Silt is not very common, however when we encounter silt or boulders during the drilling process we suggest to get filter or slotted pipe installed to avoid filling of Borewell drilled hole and also to protect submersible motor & pump.

Standard vehicle needs wide roads 20 feet to 30 feet for the easy movement of the vehicle.

Yes you need to take permission from BWWSB department at kaveri bhavan.

The Robo Drilling machine size can be varied based on the model, however the standard size would be a width of 6 feet, length of 13 feet, height of 11 feet.

Yes, we do submersible motor & pump installation.

We suggest to book 2 days before the day you are planning to drill.

No, However we do help with the geologist or diviner details.

Yes, We do Borewell flushing. The charges will vary based on the depth of the Borewell.

Yes we do install filter or slotted pipes for fully completed house. Height will not be an issue for such installations.

The cost of filter pipe installation will vary based on the brand & size of the pipe.

The standard gauge of the slotted pipe is 6kg/meter (6 gauge). The standard size of the slotted pipes are 5 inch dia & 4.5 inch dia.

The standard size of PVC outer casing will be 10 inches diameter.

We do not suggest G I casing pipe for residential Borewells.

We do not suggest PVC casing for residential Borewells.

The erection of PVC casing is very risky, and hence it has more chances of breaking & causing cracks to pipe after erection.

Yes, We do. However we confirm the work only after the site visit and condition of the existing Borewell.

No, There are no hidden charges, our quotation is transparent and it includes all kind of charges that are necessary.

The government authority procedure demands for land owners to submitting the necessary documents as stated in the application form and hence we will not be able to obtain the permisson.

It depends on the depth of the bore. Usually we drill 100 feet to 80 feet per hour. Approximately it takes 12hrs to 14 hrs, in rare situation it may extend.

- No, We do not test the water contents after the drilling is done but we can guide you for the lab tests by sharing the concerns contact details

6.5 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch & 12 inch, however above 6.5 inch size drilling is limited WRT depth.

The size will be 4.5 inches and 5 inches.

The quality of the casing tube is basically defined by the wall thickness of the casing tubes. There are multiple wall thickness casing tubes are available in the market. We suggest to go for 2.5mm wall thickness casing for long lasting benefits.

It if not defined based on the season, However during rainy season drilling Borewell will be challenge due to wet land area where Borewell vehicle movement would be difficult and vehicles may get stuck on the wet lands because of the weight of the vehicle.

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