What is the process of drilling a borewell in bangalore ?

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The process and important steps involved in Borewell Following are the steps involved in drilling a borewell.

  • Borewell Point Identification is the first step involved in drilling a borewell. This process is known with many other names such as water drowsing, hydro-geologist survey, borewell point detection, etc.

The process of borewell point identification is divided into 2 types namely the scientific method and the pseudoscientific method.

1. Scientific Method

Borewell Survey The scientific method of borewell survey is carried out by professional geologists or geo-scientists. The types of the scientific method are as follows:

  • Vertical Electrical Sounding
  • Low-Frequency Sounding
  • Satellite mapping
  • 2D & 3D analysis
  • Brunton Survey
  • Gravity sensing method
  • Proton magnetometer groundwater prospecting
  • Electro sesmic method

2. Pseudoscientific Method

Identifying borewell points without using any scientific method is called the pseudoscientific method. This method is done by following ancient practices and beliefs. There are various methods followed as per pseudoscientific method, they are as follows

  • Rods Water Drowsing Method
  • Coconut Drowsing Method
  • Pendulum Drowsing Method
  • Borewell Drilling After Borewell point identification, the next step is borewell drilling . Borewell Drilling is done in two methods namely the surface drilling method and the Inwell drilling method. Borewell Drilling is done based on several geological factors. For the best borewell Drilling Services in Bangalore contact Sanati Borewells. We ensure the best services in Bangalore. We have required skilled engineers and high technology machinery that allow us to drill up to 2600 feet.
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