Borewell Drilling Cost in Bangalore – Robo Borewell Drilling

Sanati Borewells provides all kinds of borewell services including robo borewell drilling . In this article, you will get a complete idea about the cost involved in Robo borewell drilling. Borewell drilling involves a lot of procedures that has to be done very carefully by expert professionals. Our team will provide you adequate advice regarding any kind of borewell drilling services . We provide borewell drilling services in different season as well as in different soil. Sanati Borewells have specialized in the field borewell drilling, as we are a part of this industry from a long time.

Drilling Charges for 6 ½” borewell.

  • Drilling upto 300 feet costs around Rs. 100 per feet
  • Drilling above 300 feet to 400 feet costs around Rs. 110 per feet
  • Drilling above 400 feet to 500 feet costs around Rs. 120 per feet
  • Drilling above 500 feet to 600 feet costs around Rs. 140 per feet
  • Drilling above 600 feet to 700 feet costs around Rs. 170 per feet
  • Drilling above 700 feet to 800 feet costs around Rs. 200 per feet
  • Drilling above 800 feet to 900 feet costs around Rs. 230 per feet
  • Drilling above 900 feet to 1000 feet costs around Rs. 270 per feet
  • Drilling above 1000 feet to 1100 feet costs around Rs. 320 per feet
  • Drilling above 1100 feet to 1200 feet costs around Rs. 420 per feet
  • Drilling above 1200 feet to 1300 feet costs around Rs. 520 per feet
  • Drilling above 1300 feet to 1400 feet costs around Rs. 620 per feet
  • Drilling above 1400 feet to 1500 feet costs around Rs. 720 per feet
  • Drilling above 1500 feet to 1600 feet costs around Rs. 820 per feet

Casing Pipe Charges

  • 7” M.S Casing Pipe Erection Charges, for medium it costs around Rs. 440 per feet & for heavy pipes costs around 480 per feet.
  • 10” M.S Casing Pipe Erection Charges costs around Rs. 440 per feet.
  • 12” M.S Casing Pipe Erection Charges costs around Rs. 650 per feet.
  • M.S & PVC Collar No. 1 costs around 250 each
  • Cap No. 1 costs around 250 each
  • M.S Casing Pipe Welding charges per joint costs around Rs. 300
  • Transport charges costs around Rs. 1000 approximately
  • Labour charges costs around Rs. 1000 approximately
  • Water injections charges Rs. 15 per Feet

Note: All the above prices are only estimate and subject to change as per market condition time to time.

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